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“What do women really want”? 


“I Am Woman, I Am Strong”

Women are the bearers of life. They are also devoted teachers of love. Women help to humanize the world and make it livable.  They are the true pioneers who risk the unknown for all which is possible.


“What do women really want”? 




If a woman is genuinely respected, she actually feels prized, valued, and cherished for who she is and not just for whom she has to be to please anyone else!


Given the acculturation of females in Western society, it is often imperative for some women, to claim, or reclaim, their “voice”.  Consider the Disney movie classic, The Little Mermaid, in which Ariel commits to an irrevocable “bargain-with-the-devil”, as symbolized by Ursula.


The ostensible quid pro quo for Ariel to become human and stand on her own two legs is the intentional surrender of her “voice” unless she can appeal to a man, without using words, to get him to fall in love with her and, in so doing, rescue her.


A powerful message is conveyed to females that discourage at least some of them from “standing up” for themselves unless they are fully “obedient” to external authority.  Furthermore, it is a sine qua non that in exchange for possibly being loved, women must actively curry male attention and seek their favor.


Consequently, if a woman surrenders her “voice”, then she forfeits her “say”.  By accepting any “deal” which obliges a woman to “shut-up and go away”, then what does it matter what she really wants? 


“Principle of the Soft”Additionally, women engender the invincible “principle of the soft”.  As such, they appear to absorb all which life continuously thrusts at them.  Initially, it would appear that their lot in life is to “take it” and to not make any waves.  The male “principle of the hard” seems to be indestructible, at first. 


No lioness in her right mind would ever confront, head-on, the lion (or his “pride”) for fear she would be destroyed. However, time is her ally and eventually, the “principle of the hard” is consumed by the “principle of the soft”, much like a steel object is oxidized over a long period of time by repeated immersion in water.


“I am woman, I am strong”, as written in a song, conveys strength through the patience and endurance of commitment.  So long as a woman remains committed to anyone, anything or any cause, she will be very strong. 


She will only weaken and become distressed when she fails to get some of what she needs to live and will only “bitch” when she has little other recourse than to sound the alarm.  Otherwise, she will risk the surrender of her “voice” and then be at imminent peril that all regarding her may be lost!


Mother-Daughter LoveThe staff of Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) is extremely sensitive to many of the competing and conflicting challenges that women face every day. 


For us, each woman is treated with the greatest R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Every effort is made to meet and address the special needs of women in a warm, caring and responsive setting.


Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) is a safe place where women are always encouraged to reclaim their “voice” in order to sing their song and to dance their dance, to the words and music of their own creation.


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