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We always go the extra step!


Objective Testing

Psychological testing often yields remarkably powerful information about the “inner workings” of an individual, somewhat analogous to the use of an X-ray or MRI, to identify a person’s unique potential strengths, areas needing further improvement and/or their enduring and non-rehabilitative problems.


Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) typically adheres to a “multi-trait/multi-method” comprehensive psychological testing paradigm as a conservative methodology, in favor of our clients, against incorrectly obtaining any untoward “false-positive” and/or “false negative” normative test results. 


We always go the extra step!


There are many motivations why an individual might request or require comprehensive psychological testing. For some clients, an accurate diagnosis can be distilled and clarified through testing.  Medical decisions about the use of medications, surgery, or other physical and mental health related interventions are often guided by the judicious utilization of psychological testing. 


Since 1979, many reputable healthcare professionals have referred their own clients to Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) for senior-level second opinions, differential diagnosis, and treatment planning, especially for their most challenging and “refractory” clients. 


Several healthcare professionals have even referred themselves to NICA!


Special services and benefits may be directly contingent on the results from psychological testing, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  Psychological testing provides crucial answers to questions about bona fide eligibility.


Some people simply want to know a great deal more about themselves and about the deeper nature of the interplay of manifest and latent personality factors which comprise their character structure. The goal for so many of these clients is to use what they learn about themselves to be “different and better.” 


Others are significantly concerned about comprehensively evaluating their extant cognitive abilities to assess whether or not there may be any potential or serious risk of dysfunction across the intellective domains of “executive functioning”, inclusive of learning, problem-solving, memory, concentration, attention, speech/language and vision.


For those who are married, contemplating marriage, or who are otherwise "coupled", NICA's powerful relationship and compatibility assessments help couples quickly learn about similarities and differences across relevant categories and just as quickly implement effective steps toward meaningful change. 


Psychological tests are merely “tools” in the hands of the master craftsmen that use them.  If the artisan is careless, it will not matter if the tools are of the highest quality.  However, if the artisan is very careful, he or she becomes “the instrument” and the “tools” are extensions of the master!


We always go the extra step!


Testing can also offer specific and concrete career guidance to current and prospective workers about possible career paths. Assessed skills, interests, values, and abilities can be compared and contrasted with literally hundreds of jobs to help carefully match each individual with rewarding careers options.


Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) is very pleased to provide the following screening, assessment and evaluation services of which testing “tools of the trade” are “artfully” employed:


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Screening, Assessment and Evaluation Services


Diagnostic Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations

Neuro-Cognitive Evaluations and Health-Related Assessments

Career Assessments and Disability Evaluations


Diagnostic Evaluations


Screening and Assessment

Mental Status

Anxiety and PTSD Disorders

Mood Disorders

Alcohol/Substance Abuse


Dr. Glenn B. Gelman and Dr. Larry B. Gelman

Psycho-Diagnostic Evaluation

Differential Diagnosis

Complex/Refractory Symptoms

Second-Opinion Consultations

Masked Disorders

Dual Diagnosis Assessment



Psychological Evaluations



Psychological Functioning





Adaptive Behavior

Projective Testing

Marriage and Family

Marital Satisfaction

Couples Compatibility

Communications Skills

Social/Interpersonal Functioning

Parental Stress/Family Conflict



Neurocognitive Evaluations and Health-Related Assessments



Neuro-Cognitive Evaluations

Mental Status

Executive Functioning

Attention and Concentration


Information Processing


Visual-Motor Functioning


Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinci

Health-Related Evaluations

Psychological Factors Affecting

Various Medical Conditions:

Chronic Pain


Environmental Sensitivity

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Stress-Related Response

Maladaptive Health Behaviors



Career Assessments and Disability Evaluations


Career Assessment

Vocational Interest

Skills and Abilities


Emotional Intelligence

Values Clarification


World of Possibilities

Disability Evaluations

SSDI/SSI Evaluation

Disability Re-evaluation

Functional Capacity Assessment

Learning Disability



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