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Personal Mentoring Services (PMS)

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Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) is a new, exciting and highly individualized non-clinical "life" service now available at Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA). 


Ideally, a "mentor" is a seasoned community elder with true experience, knowledge and wisdom to be a valued "pathfinder" for another who is committed to their journey in life. 


A high functioning mentor is ready, willing and able to "go long and deep" in service of the best interests of their client (variously referred to as a protege, mentee or partner).


The ultimate goal of traditional professional counseling and psychotherapy is to help you address various problems-in-living with recourse to a model of clinical psychopathology. 


However, unlike the traditional approach to mental health service delivery, because PMS is a personal mentoring service, there is no need to diagnose or treat any mental disorder!


Psychological or psychiatric "treatment" may last weeks, months or even years.  For those with mental health insurance benefits, these benefits are often tightly managed. 


With PMS, you get to choose the time, frequency, duration and content of contacts in an emerging and evolving relationship with your own personal mentor who works with you.


There is absolutely no interference from any third-party decision makers who typically operate out of their benefit, usually, without regard for what is in your best interests.


PMS provides you with your very own personal "sage-on-your-stage" along with a "guide-on-your-side" to help you along your way as you create your path in life.


PMS services can be provided by phone, Zoom, Skype or in-person. 


For more information about Personal Mentoring Services, call us at 815-455-6736


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