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Marriage Rules/Wedding Rings

Marriage Rules©


By Dr. Larry B. Gelman


Shhh!  Be quiet! Don’t make any noise! 


Take great care in what you say or do!  Never can tell when the other person will blow! 


“Walking on eggshells” is an interesting adaptation, or strategy, for living life in a marriage because eggshells usually contain eggs inside and eggs are pregnant with potentialities!


If you walk on eggshells, the eggshells don’t break and the eggs are protected. 


If you crack the eggshells, the will eggshells break and now the eggs become “vulnerable”. 


Protected eggs permit nothing to come in or go out. 


However, “vulnerable” eggs may be likened to that of a semi-permeable membrane and can permit a two-way or mutual exchange of… vulnerabilities!


Like, “what goes up must come down”. 


So, too, with “vulnerable” eggs, what goes in, must come out!


Protected eggs need continued vigilance to guard against any unforeseen event which might crack the eggshells. 


Heaven forbid the eggshells should crack, since we all know how messy, and even how rotten, cracked eggs can sometimes be! 


Then again, by practicing diligent “walking on eggshells”, a partner learns to believe they can actually control the behavior of the other partner and thereby orchestrate a desired result.


Don’t rock the boat, the boat don’t rock! 


Rock the boat and the boat rocks! 


Who knows what might happen. 


Maybe a disastrous explosion! 


Maybe a marriage that rocks! 


“Walking on eggshells”, inadvertently, trains one partner to become increasingly artful in dodging anticipated bullets from the other. 


The “artful dodger” is a master at trickery, deceit and sleight of hand, foot or mouth! 


Manipulation in deliberately suppressing the natural flow of things in the relationship prevent discovering what other options may be available or even possible.


Consequently, in this scenario, the eggshell walker dances in the void, commits to “a-void-dance”, and is left forever wondering when, if ever, he or she will partake of those requisite emotional nutriments that fill one full.  


For only those who dare to crack all eggshells will ever be permitted to break their self-imposed fast and nourish themselves to their hearts content. 


All others wishing to emotionally starve are duly forewarned to never relax their vigil, and are eternally advised, for as long as possible, to keep “walking on eggshells”!  


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