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Marriage Rules/Wedding Rings

Marriage Rules©


By Dr. Larry B. Gelman


I am curious to discover under what circumstances a parent might be prompted to divorce their child.  


After all, parenting is difficult enough without kids adding to the burden! 


Children, by nature, always seem to need something from their parents.   


Enough is rarely enough and “more, more, more” is typically associated with “me, me, me”. 


A parent simply cannot win!  No matter how loving, giving or attentive he or she may be.


Kids are an enormous challenge.  And if it’s not something they need, then invariably it’s something they want.   Never satisfied. 


Try as hard as you might, parents just can’t ever completely satisfy their children.  And the older a child becomes, look out! 


The “flapping of wings” and the “testing of limits”. 


Kids pushing with parents pulling, one moment.  Kids pulling with parents pushing, the next moment.


Not only do the behaviors of our proverbial “bundles of joy” challenge the patience of most parental saints so, too, do their fluctuating emotions. 


Sometimes it is really very clear why our children feel as they do.  The context provides multiple clues to inform and guide us. 


However, at other times, the resources are less clear and are compounded by the child actively withholding important disclosures which might help us better understand what is going on with them inclusive of their needs, wants and requirements.


Then again, in our zeal to be “good” parents are we not truly motivated by the very best of intentions only to re-discover, once more, where that road leads?  


Why bother?  Having kids is hard enough.  Raising them is even harder.  And for all of your trouble, what do you get? 


As a parent you put your heart and soul into your children. 


They receive an ongoing gift of the toil and trouble of your blood, sweat and tears.


When you decide to make a withdrawal of just a bit of the interest accrued, and consistently don’t get it, then it is easy to feel gypped, get mad and “scream bloody murder”. 


Maybe looking elsewhere is the ticket! 


There are other children out there. 


Pleasant, attractive, responsive. 


Kids who listen. 


Kids who care. 


Good kids.


So what would it take for you to divorce your child?  What would it take? Could you? Would you?  Might talking help?  Or counseling? 


And while we’re asking, what would it take for you to divorce your spouse? 


Is there really any difference?  Is there?


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