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The human condition is replete with countless tales of advertent sin, unintentional sin and “original sin”.   It is only a matter of time, space and perspective before all “sinners” are caught, or “catch” themselves.


With the commission of “bad” behaviors, or the omission of “good” actions, the transgressor is guilty of either doing what ought not to have been done or not doing what should have been done. 


In both of these instances, there is an eventual sociological “fall from grace”, a symbolic “scarlet letter” branded on the perpetrator’s public “face” and a societal censure usually commensurate with the “crime”. This effectively renders the offender “dead” to the community, until such time and place as said “sentence” is completed.


If the individual is truly repentant, has accepted responsibility and accountability for their misdeeds and are “judged” as having been “rehabilitated”, he or she may be “raised from the dead”.


At an intra-psychic level, the relationship between a person’s subjective experience of “sin, guilt and psychopathology” is both insidious and profound. 


Consequently, it is a sine qua non that “punishment” is a necessary, but not a sufficient, consequence of having engaged is a psychological “crime” against oneself or another.


Even in the most fleeting moments of fantasy, a seemingly harmless and imagined “action” can be tantamount to having committed an infraction.  Moral trespass is really no different from “doing the (offensive) deed”.


So “what's in a name?


Red Rose without Thorns


That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. 


Analogically, “that which we call a sin, by any other name would smell just as repugnant"! 


So, too, must we deign to conclude a sin by any other name is still a sin, and therefore, a sinner, a sinner! 


It is but a short hop, skip and jump to conclude that every sinner should be condemned to “suffer the slings and arrows of (their) outrageous (mis)fortune” for the foreseeable future and for the rest of their life to be filled with an admixture of guilt, shame and doubt coupled with intense pain and suffering which compels the sinner to eternal damnation in whatever unyielding and incendiary “emotional hell” can be wrought upon them (“for vengeance is mine...” and mine, alone)!


Fortunately, the assumption of “free will”, is a powerful foundation-stone upon which many religions, secular laws and mental health systems are predicated and provide a modus operandi by which personal redemption and salvation are possible. 


We know that sincere, “deep structure” expiation can lead to an emerging and evolving “at-one-ment”.


Ripple Effect


Forgiveness is the key without which there can be no authentic recalibration to repair, rebuild and renew one’s damaged “center” and any of the surrounding edges. 


Forgiveness centers!


The clinical psychologists at Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) can help you learn how to forgive yourself and also to center yourself, no matter what the “harm or foul”. 


“Some people spend all of their entire lives searching for the proverbial “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow; few discover that the pot of gold is the rainbow”. 


Forgiveness is simultaneously a process and a destination.  It is also a way of life.  Not to forgive is not to live.  Forgiveness is the key. 





Forgiveness centers!


Balancing Imbalances


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