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Screening and Assessment


Psychological Functioning

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Diagnostic Evaluations


Mental Health Screenings

Designed to rapidly “screen” an individual who reports (or is  reported by a loved one) that there may be mental health risk factors or other psychological disorders that likely warrant immediate or prompt professional mental health attention, intervention or further assessment.

Mental Health Assessments

Designed to quickly “assess” an individual who reports one or more specific and, generally, more current mental health issues, problems or concerns, which are either a cause and/or effect of their various life-domain stressors and necessitate that psychological information from one or more sources, such as a structured clinical interview, social history,  select checklists, inventories or single psychological tests be obtained to help identify appropriate evaluation, treatment or other services, and to get baseline data and/or measure the outcome of  treatment intervention.

Psycho-Diagnostic Evaluation

Designed to thoroughly “evaluate” an individual who reports being adversely affected by one or more acute or chronic psychological symptoms which are problematic for them in any area of their life.  The goal of a comprehensive evaluation is to render a psychological diagnosis to aid in further dispositional planning and treatment so that what is wrong, or at issue, can be responsibly addressed.


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