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Dr. Glenn B. Gelman


Dr. Glenn B. Gelman


Dr. Gelman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been counseling individuals, couples and families for over 30 years. He has worked in clinical and counseling psychology, health psychology and forensic psychology, and he has served as a consultant to religious leaders, business organizations and local municipalities.


He is an unusually kind and gentle soul. His patience is virtually unlimited and he is exceptionally wise beyond his years. One is immediately impressed by the compelling graciousness of his manner, the sheer range and depth of his knowledge, and the remarkable extent of his varied professional experience.


An accomplished clinician, Dr. Gelman artfully applies his clinical skills to enable healing at a "deep-structure" level.  He has a rare ability to identify the "potential" in his clients.  He works tirelessly to help those in his charge to solve or resolve their problems and conflicts, and/or transform their emotional pain into opportunities for discovery, growth, and change.


Dr. Gelman is an assiduous agent, advocate and ombudsman for the "best interests" of each and every one of his clients.  Emanating from a deeply held conviction that values authenticity, positive self-regard, psychological readiness, and personal responsibility, he inspires his clients to "do, be, and become better."


Dr. Gelman is a long-time member of the teaching faculty at Roosevelt University and Colombia College-Crystal Lake.  He is the author of several published articles and has been a featured mental health expert and guest speaker to community groups radio, TV, and several local newspapers.


Dr. Gelman specializes in helping clients create meaning, purpose, and joy in their lives and relationships.


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