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Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C.  (NICA) has formulated a foundational algorithm by which, theoretically, and through which, methodologically, all psychological services are predicated:

Man who is loved

First, growth occurs through the successful resolution of conflict, whether between others or within oneself.  In the absence of conflict and its successful resolution, growth does not fully occur.  However, where conditions are ripe for the successful resolution of conflict, growth is possible. 

Second, growth occurs over “psychological time”.  Since time is a hypothetical construct, it can be defined in linear, curvilinear and many other innovative ways to serve the varying adaptive resources relative to the stresses and presses of life’s adjustive demands. 

Third, our model predicts that any “progress” will invariably lead to “regress” in service of what is necessary that must be done for consolidation to result.  It is less relevant to seek progression or regression because “if you fail to heed the lessons from history, you are doomed to repeat it”.  Woman who feels respected

Moreover, in order to integrate adaptive competencies, one must partake of a dialectical loop by which the “movement” goes forward and backward into the "moment of the present”. Hence, “movement” is essential as the "inertia of movement” informs and reforms the outcome of any process until the resultant dynamism becomes transformed or deformed. 

Finally, the NICA call to action is “forever and ever and always and always forward and backward into the present”.  In brief, you learn how to navigate and then to integrate work, love and play into your life.

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Disorder ("PTSD")

Divorce and Separation

Emotional Abuse

Emotional Pain and Anguish

Empty Nest Syndrome

Feeling Lonely and Alone

Feeling Lost and Confused

Feeling Unhappy or Trapped

Guilt and Shame



Identity Problems

Impulse-Control Problems

Indecision and Ambivalence

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Job Loss

Life Transitions and Goals

Loss of a Child

Loss of a Loved One

Low Self-Esteem

"Meaning of Life" Questions

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Narcissistic Personality


Phobias and Fears

Poor Judgment/Bad Choices

Pornography Addiction

Posttraumatic Stress

Rape and Trauma Recovery

Relationship Problems

Relocation Adjustment

Retirement and Aging Issues

Secondary Trauma Reaction

Self-Defeating Behavior

Sexual and Physical Abuse


Social Anxiety

Stress Management

Substance Abuse/Dependence

Type "A" Personality

Unhealthy Habits/Lifestyle

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